The art of briefing counsel
The art of briefing counsel

The decision to brief counsel can be tricky. And once the decision is made, how best to brief that barrister for optimal effect and value for your client? This livecast considers the briefing process from start to finish including the decision to brief, the content and format of the brief and communication with counsel throughout the matter. The session offers many tips and tricks like consideration of hard copy and e-briefs, the extent of observations, document management in small and large matters, fees, estimates and client management. This essential session will help you to better plan, communicate and draft your brief. Reducing time and costs when briefing out work and ultimately supporting the best outcome for your client.

On-demand | 1 CPD point | 2019/2020 CPD year | Film date: 18 July 2019 | Video available: 27 August 2019

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