Episode 1: Are you digitally ready?
Episode 1: Are you digitally ready?

This is the first episode of a four-part series brought to you by our proud partner Property Exchange Australia (PEXA). QLS have worked with PEXA to design this series to bring you practical training on how practices are changing and what you need to know to manage digital innovation.

In this episode, join our expert presenter Andrew Smyth from Robbins Watson Solicitors as he covers:

  • the legalities of contracting via electronic means—what is valid and what is not valid electronically
  • relevant COVID-19 emergency legislative responses that allow for deeds to be signed remotely and by companies

In the second half of this episode, Jess Caire, Executive Manager from PEXA and Josh Callaghan, Chief Operating Officer from REIQ will conduct a Q&A on digital innovation initiatives currently being implemented in practices and what is driving those initiatives.

On-demand | 1 CPD point | 2019/2020 or 2020/2021 CPD year | Film date: 11 June 2020 | Video available: 17 June 2020

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